Contribute to society through IT
We have mission to create solutions to improve problems of daily living. In various projects that develop based on the technical strength cultivated through years of research and development, we will provide products that are truly needed while treating users feedback.


Provide a platform that can utilize state-of-the-art IT
By using the latest IT you can create a new world you have never had before. We will focus on the world and conduct cutting-edge R&D and solution development, We will provide environments and platforms that people can easily utilize its results, and we aim to solve problems and problems of daily life and society. bizMedia's mind is there.


3 key businesses
In bizMedia, we are working around three projects: ① mobile / Web application development, ② media management, and ③ programming education.
① In mobile / web application development, we mainly develop business applications incorporating AI and AR / VR and 2D / 3D game applications.
② In media management, we provide effective references about programming languages on TECHBIRD .
③ In programming education, we mainly teach Swift, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python.